Cloud Storage


 A better way to share. Arctic Vault storage is your own secure space.

  • Encrypted at rest and in transit, multi-factor authentication, and peace of mind for your data.
  • A place you can call home without data loss (storage is replicated across multiple datacenters)
  • Share your work, content, or memories with who you want, when you want.
  • Personal? Business? Something different? We've got solutions for any need.
  • Mobile, computer clients, or web access.
  • Still writing down your passwords? A second encrypted password vault is included to further secure your online presence.

Plan types available:

Individual plans


Business plans

Message us for setting up business plans. We will custom tailor the users, storage size per user, and solution to your needs.

Cloud storage created for you in a public cloud or on-prem.

Cloud Providers

Looking for a fully setup instance for secure cloud filesharing for your business? We can deploy an instance in your network or a cloud provider of choice and setup the system ready for your needs. Call or message us for a consultation to quote & deploy this solution. We deploy the nextcloud solution to fit your needs.